Individual cookies are available in bulk for meetings, events, weddings and special occasions.

We can bring our Cookie Truck to any event!

Cookie boxes and trays

Box of 12: $24.95
Tray of 24: $43.95
Tray of 36: $59.95
Tray of 50: $79.95


Coffee – $16 per 1 gallon
Bottled Water – $1
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite – $2

Make your next Business Meeting or Corporate Event

Your first impression is everything in business. Lucky For you, Frankford Cookies is here to help! Make the meeting memorable. Send Gifts of distinctive taste with Frankford Cookie Boxes & Trays

Get cookies and milk (and coffee!)  For your next meeting.  Delight your staff with their favorites from Frankford Cookies. 

Make a name for yourself in the office.  Don’t be that guy who brings the same boring pretzels or donuts to the weekly sales meeting. 

For more information and pricing for your event, call 215.595.2148